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E-DNRD (Dubai Visa)

Please note that these are government charges / rates and can change anytime without any prior communication

What Is E-DNRD

DNRD eServices is a fully integrated immigration processing system designed to minimize the time you spend on managing your application and other transactions with DNRD.

Our EDNRD services include application processing of Visit visa (long term and short term), entry permits, resident visa and status change and visa cancelation.

What are the documents needed to process the E-DNRD Visa Application?

  • Passport copy of the Sponsor
  • Visa Copy of the Sponsor
  • Passport copy of the Applicant
  • Visa Copy of the Applicant if visa Renewal
  • Entry Visa Copy if applying for the Resident Visa Typing.
  • Establishment Card Copy ( In case of Company Sponsor)
  • Trade License Copy ( In case of Company Sponsor)
  • One Clear photograph mandatory (Passport size, white background, no borders)

For E-DNRD Visa Fees?

You may Call the Toll Free 800 CKGS (2547) or Send us an email to